Green The Anti-cellulite Ritual body treatment in Tenerife (Los Cristianos & Las Americas)

Our GREEN TEA RITUAL is a minimum 60-minute treatment, in which a full-body exfoliation will be done, then a green tea mud will be applied and left for about 25 ‘, and once the product is removed we recommend finishing with a 30 ‘anti-cellulite localized massage.

Relaxing, firming, detox, anti-cellulite, gives the skin luminosity and youth.

Results visible from the first session.


With this treatment we have triple benefit since we get the them from the exfoliation, green tea and massage.

Exfoliation: Among the multiple benefits that we can obtain with an exfoliation by eliminating dead cells, in addition to helping the skin better absorb the essences of the products that are applied during the treatment and the active principles of green tea, and thus provide luminosity and youth.

In addition the exfoliation is carried out with a peeling of green tea, the salt of the laminaria seaweed and a cream of green tea at the same time.

Green tea wrap: The lipolytic envelope of alginates and green tea will help dissolve localised fat nodules and activate circulation by facilitating the process of cellulite removal. It also has draining properties, as it acts against fluid retention, and regenerative, deeply moisturising and regenerating the skin.

Anti-cellulite massage: Its fundamental function is to open the pores, mobilise the lymphatic system, break the fat and facilitate the penetration of the cosmetic-natural products we use. Through vigorous manipulations the liquids and accumulated fat are mobilised, the skin loses volume and regains its firmness, circulation is activated and toxins are eliminated.

Arōms Nature produces NATURAL AND ECOLOGICAL cosmetics, which means that it has vegetable ingredients that come from organic-controlled agriculture and the rest of its ingredients have a natural vegetable or mineral origin, in a minimum proportion of 95%.


60 ‘- € 65 (no massage)

90 ‘- € 80 (massage included)


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