Exfoliation treatment in Tenerife – Los Cristianos / Las Americas


Dermatologists and pharmacists agree that exfoliation is the essential ritual to eliminate dead cells from our body, especially those areas that are most exposed to external agents. A gentle exfoliation can be used three or four times a week (except those cases in which there is irritation or eczema) since it has no contraindication, all are benefits. Let’s see what those are:

* Clean your skin from impurities: The cells of our skin multiply, die and renew. Exfoliation accelerates this natural phenomenon by stimulating cell regeneration and blood microcirculation on the surface.

* Removes stains: A good scrub can also help you better your skin tone.

* A better tan: For those of you who love the sun, exfoliation before beach holidays prepares the skin for a uniform tan. In addition, it allows the tissue to better absorb the protection that will take care of the sun’s rays.

* Prevents premature aging: During exfoliation cell regeneration is accelerated and blood circulation is activated, this allows the skin to receive more nutrients and oxygen.

* Detoxifies: Exfoliating the body usually helps stimulate the proper functioning of the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins through the pores of the skin. In addition, the skin looks much softer, more luminous and uniform.

* Prepare the skin: Any cosmetic or active ingredient that is applied to a freshly exfoliated skin penetrates the dermis layers better and acts more effectively. Exfoliation also prevents the formation of cystic hairs after hair removal.


Exfoliation and moisturizing treatment (30′) = 35€

Exfoliation and moisturizing treatment (30′) and a massage to choose =  30€  (plus the price of the chosen massage)


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