As promised, today we show you a complete article dedicated to a treatment that, due to its multiple benefits, we should take it as a habit, the exfoliation.

Since this treatment is performed on the skin we will know a little first what exactly those fine and delicate layers that covers our body are, what this treatment consists of, its history and the benefits that it can generate.

Did you know that the skin is an organ?

That’s right, the skin is the largest organ in your body, it has an approximate area of ​​2 m2 and can weigh up to 10kg. It serves as a protective barrier to the external environment, while maintaining homeostasis internally.

Protection: protective barrier against the external environment such as chemical or mechanical damage or ultraviolet radiation and maintenance of a homeostasis internally.

Sensation: sensitive to pain, touch, pressure and temperature.

Thermoregulation: thermoregulation through the dilation and constriction of vessels and sweat.

Metabolism: synthesizes vitamin D (calcium and phosphate metabolism) in the presence of light.

What is an exfoliation?

In dermatology it is the natural process of skin cell renewal by removing dead cells from the epidermis. There are two types of exfoliation, the mechanical and chemical one. In this post we will refer only to the mechanical one, that are what we do in our center and in our view the most kind for the skin.

We will perform it with a series of energetic manual movements but at the same time soft and with high quality natural products.

Facial exfoliation (also called peeling in English) is much more known and used than body exfoliation, it is performed on the skin by cleaning it from dead cells. Although it is a treatment that may seem modern to us, the reality is that the ancient Egyptians already knew its many benefits. They were also connoisseurs of it in Asia hundreds of years ago and in the Middle Ages they used wine as a chemical scrub.

Benefits of exfoliation.

Dermatologists and pharmacists agree that exfoliation is the essential ritual to eliminate dead cells from our body, especially those areas that are most exposed to external agents. A gentle exfoliation can be used three or four times a week (except those cases in which there is irritation or eczema) since it has no contraindication, all are benefits. Let’s see what those are:

* Clean your skin from impurities: The cells of our skin multiply, die and renew. Exfoliation accelerates this natural phenomenon by stimulating cell regeneration and blood microcirculation on the surface.

* Removes stains: A good scrub can also help you better your skin tone.

* A better tan: For those of you who love the sun, exfoliation before beach holidays prepares the skin for a uniform tan. In addition, it allows the tissue to better absorb the protection that will take care of the sun’s rays.

* Prevents premature aging: During exfoliation cell regeneration is accelerated and blood circulation is activated, this allows the skin to receive more nutrients and oxygen.

* Detoxifies: Exfoliating the body usually helps stimulate the proper functioning of the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins through the pores of the skin. In addition, the skin looks much softer, more luminous and uniform.

* Prepare the skin: Any cosmetic or active ingredient that is applied to a freshly exfoliated skin penetrates the dermis layers better and acts more effectively. Exfoliation also prevents the formation of cystic hairs after hair removal.

As you can see the exfoliation is necessary to keep our skin in an optimal state so you no longer have any excuse for not performing this treatment. In our center all the products we use are completely natural, respectful of our body and the environment. We will wait for you.